ARCS6 for WebVR

  • What is ARCS6 for WebVR?

    ARCS6 for WebVR is a virtual reality (VR) content that allows you to easily experience robot control programming in the virtual world.

  • Do I need to install or setup to use ARCS6 for WebVR?

    It runs on a web page and is ready to use without any installation or setup.

  • What are the advantages of using ARCS6 for WebVR?

    One of the most important advantages is the ability to explore robotic control within a virtual world without expensive equipment or hardware. In addition, you can implement your programs in the real world using ARCS6.

  • Is ARCS6 for WebVR free to use?

    Yes. You can use it for free.

  • Why is ARCS6 for WebVR free to use?

    We hope that ARCS6 for WebVR will increase interest in our research and lead to technical consultations and joint research.

ARCS6 - Technical

  • What is ARCS6?

    ARCS6 is a robot control framework specialized for motion control.

  • What are the most important features of ARCS6?

    One of the most important feature of ARCS6 is that real-time control is possible on a general-purpose Linux OS such as AlmaLinux. It does not require patches to the Linux kernel like Xenomai or RT-Preempt. Eliminating patches allows real-time control code to run on a well-tested and reliable kernel.

  • How does ARCS6 allow real-time control on non-real-time Linux?

    ARCS6 achieves real-time control without modifying the Linux kernel by occupying one of the CPU cores.

  • Is ARCS6 an OS?

    No, ARCS6 is not an OS. ARCS6 is software that runs on Linux.

  • Is ARCS6 a hard real-time system?

    No, ARCS6 is a soft realtime system. Therefore ARCS6 may sometimes fail to keep the control period.

ARCS6 - non-technical

  • What is the license for ARCS6?

    It is BSD 2 clause license.

  • Is ARCS6 available for commercial use?

    Yes, it is available for commercial use. However, redistribution of source code or binaries must retain or reproduce a license.

  • Who is developing ARCS6?

    Associate Professor Yuki Yokokura of Nagaoka University of Technology is leading the development.

  • Can I request ARCS6 technical consultation or a prototype using ARCS6?

    Yes. Please contact the department in charge at Nagaoka University of Technology.

Feel free to open an issue on our GitHub page if you have any questions.